Winter Pre-College Initiative Day (PCI)


UW NSBE hosted an event for high school students that included a tour of the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering, programming challenges, networking opportunities, a panel discussion with upper class-men/professionals, and like always delicious food. This event inspired many high school students to follow Computer Science and Engineering as a career and academic path.  

Boeing Resume Workshop


UW NSBE & Boeing hosted a resume workshop before our annual diversity career fair in order to better prepare our members. Students from different grade levels attended the workshop to get professional advice on their resumes.

37th Annual Diversity Career Fair


UW NSBE hosted the annual diversity career fair on Wednesday, January 31, 2018. There were more than a hundred corporate, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations in attendance. Students from all grade levels and institutions participated in the career fair. 


Spring Pre-College Initiative Day (PCI)

UW NSBE held another PCI event for high school students. The event included design challenges, networking opportunities, and a panel discussion with upper class-men/professionals. It was a great turn out. It opened a way for high school students to get an insight on what its like to be an engineer.

Annual Gingerbread Competition

UW NSBE joined the Association of Black Business Students (ABBS) for their Annual Gingerbread Competition and won first place! 


UW NSBE meeting with Twitter to learn about what they do and the positions they offer. Our members got to talk to the amazing recruiters and engineers from Twitter. 

NSBE Field Day [Kick Off]


A day of celebration of the beginning of the school year. UW NSBE hosted a field day full of fun games, music, and food. Students from all grade levels and sub-departments in Engineering came together to enjoy this event, get to know one another, and exchange tips and advice to help them excel in their academic year. 

NSBE Car Wash


In partnership with the local Les Schwab Tire Center, Lowe's and Home Depot, UW NSBE hosted a two-day car wash event as a fundraiser for the Fall Regional Conference.  

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