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Meet the 2022-2023 NSBEUW Executive Board!

Aisha- NSBE.png

Aisha Cora


Junior | Electrical Engineering |

"Continue rebuilding our community by hosting more events, planning for even more students to attend our NSBE National Conference, and fostering the talents of Black STEM majors at UW."


Yaffet Bedru

Vice President

Junior | Aerospace Engineering |

"Provide a sense of community, opportunities and industry experience to the NSBE family throughout the year."

David- NSBE.png

David Zoro


Sophomore | Electrical and Computer Engineering |

"I aim to properly exercise my role in NSBE by completing various logistical tasks such as managing sign-ins, taking minutes, and informing members of meetings to help ensure NSBE runs smoothly.”


Danait Abraham

Media Coordinator

Sophomore | Civil Engineering |

“I look forward to documenting the precious memories we'll make this year and keeping our members engaged through exciting social media posts, while ensuring our website stays up to date.”


Nafiad Regassa


Junior | Electrical and Computer Engineering |

“I plan to have fun and engaging fundraisers in order to fund the many activities that we were not able to attend last year. I would also like to ensure that NSBE is a welcoming space for all newcomers.”


Beemnet Yiman

Programs Chair

Sophomore | Computer Science |

"As the programs chair, I plan to become a great board member by organizing fun events for the NSBE community to enjoy and learn more about the organization and what it can do for you.”


Sirak Yohannes

Pre-College Initiative Chair

Sophomore | Computer Science |

“This year, I will direct my focus on the NSBE Jr chapter. I want to continue to make NSBE accessible to young kids who are interested in studying STEM majors through hosting activities and events. ”

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 10.57.47 AM.png

Sheldon R. Levias

Chapter Advisor


Diane Martin

Advisor Emeritus

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