Alaiyi Lawson


Class: Senior  

Graduation Year: June 2021  

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering


"Create a family environment the best I can in a virtual world for everyone who seeks to be a part of NSBE. "

Vice President 

Grace Kariuki


Class: Senior

Graduation Year: June 2021 

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering


 “I want to help build and strengthen our NSBE community and the relationship we have with employers. My goal is to also help students find opportunities through our NSBE network.”


Pre-College Initative Chair

Merhawi Abraha 


Class: Senior

Graduation Year: June 2021 

Major: Computer Engineering

“ I want to make NSBE accessible to young kids who are interested in studying STEM majors through hosting activities and events. In doing so contribute to NSBE’s 2025 mission by increasing the annual number of African-American graduating engineers to reach ten thousand.”


Abel Demoz


Class: Junior

Graduation Year: June 2022  

Major: Bioengineering

“I want to find new opportunities for us to be able to raise money with COVID 19 situation. I also want to make sure we as a club are doing everything we can to help the coming freshmen navigate college life and connect them with all the resources that are out there.”

Programs Chair

Confidence Orji


Class: Junior

Graduation Year: June 2021  

Major: Informatics 

"I plan to apply myself to this role in order to make NSBE as successful as possible. I also plan to organize fun events for the NSBE community to enjoy and learn more about the organization and what it can do for you. Thank you all for this opportunity!”


Robel Gebremichael


Class: Junior

Graduation Year: June 2022

Major: Human Centered Design and Engineering

"I plan to serve NSBE this year by helping to grow and organize the UW chapter as its secretary and a member of the executive board.”


Media Coordinator 

Rawuda Jemal


Class: Senior

Graduation Year: June 2021   

Major: Informatics

“I plan to update all of NSBE's social media accounts. I hope to to increase more engagement virtually.”


Chapter Advisor

Diane Martin


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