Why Become a Member?

NSBE offers a network of highly qualified engineers and a family atmosphere that fosters the personal growth necessary to succeed. Here at the University of Washington Chapter, we offer our members opportunities to grow academically and professionally as well as opportunities to give back to their community. Members are also eligible to receive funding to attend the Fall Regional Conference and NSBE's National Convention.


Career Opportunities

From our very own Diversity Career Fair where students get to meet with 100+ companies one-on-one, to the Fall Regional Conference with a career fair of 20+ companies and the NSBE National Convention Career Fair with over 300 companies in attendance, as well as our weekly meetings, our members constantly have access to network with companies and find out about full-time careers and internships.

Leadership Development


Receive exceptional training at regional conferences, the National Convention, and through your local chapter. You also have the opportunity to serve on a Regional and/or National Executive Board.


Give Back


Our members get the privilege and opportunity of giving back to their community.This is done through NSBE's T.O.R.C.H., Pre-College Initiative programs, and several volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  

Academic Excellence


Helping our members succeed academically is core to our mission.  To help our members succeed, new members will be paired with an upperclassman in their respective/corresponding engineering discipline through our Big/Little mentoring program.